Not your average game of Werewolf

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Super Duper Werewolves is a social deduction game and a fun elaboration on the classic versions.


What is Werewolf?

Front and back of Super Duper Werewolves box

A social deduction game...

In the 1980’s, Dimitry Davidoff created a party game called Mafia. Years later, Andrew Plotkin reinvented the game and renamed it Werewolf. Today, we’re taking up the torch with an aptly-named version:  Super Duper Werewolves.

Inspired by it’s predecessors, Super Duper Werewolves is a group role-playing game composed of VILLAGERS and WEREWOLVES – whose objective is to kill off the other faction.

Super Duper Werewolves box with top removed with abilities

With the introduction of Ability cards, gone are the days of playing a plain, boring VILLAGER every game. Ability cards equip all players with special abilities, regardless of their faction, that can be activated throughout the game.

From a WEREWOLF with a MASK or a MONARCH with OLD AGE, to a VILLAGER with OMEN, no game will be the same again!


How to Play

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How many players can play?

Super Duper Werewolves is for 7-30 players. Moderate at your own risk!

How long does each game take?

The average game of Super Duper Werewolf takes 15-20 minutes. However, timing changes based on the number of players and the speed of the Moderator.

Can players pretend to be other Identities?

Of course. Super Duper Werewolves is a game of deception!


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