Quick Start Guide

Super Duper Werewolves is a group role-playing game for 6-25 players and a super fun elaboration on the classic versions. The game is composed of VILLAGERS and WEREWOLVES whose objective is to kill off the other sides.

You will use Abilities to discover the Identities of your foes, and convince others to join you before it’s too late!

The Moderator

Start by selecting a Moderator. This person controls the pace, keeps track of the Night phase actions and Day phase votes and rules on points of confusion.

To begin the game, the Moderator will select which cards are in play by creating one deck of Identity cards and one deck of Ability cards corresponding to the number of participating players. For the Identity card deck, it is recommended to start with 1 WEREWOLF for every 3 VILLAGERS (special or ordinary).

For the Ability card deck, some abilities make moderating much more challenging, indicated by a red circle () in the top left corner. Cowardly Moderators should start only with cards that have a green circle ().

Identity & Ability Cards

The Moderator will deal 1 Identity card and 1 Ability card to each player, which should be kept secret. The Identity cards determine your faction and win condition. The Ability cards equip you with special abilities that can be activated or used throughout the game.

The Moderator will collect all cards, keeping them in order. This is important, as certain cards require the Moderator to know which player has what throughout the game. The game will begin with the Moderator asking all players to “fall asleep” for the first Night phase and reading the narrations from the Moderator Guide.

Day & Night Phases

The game consists of alternating Day and Night phases, beginning with Night.

During each Night, all players close their eyes and “fall asleep.” The Moderator will awaken players based on their Identity and Ability cards, who open their eyes and secretly carry out their assigned actions. For example, each night the SEER (a special villager) will be asked to wake up and select a player; the Moderator will show the SEER that player’s Identity card. The SEER will fall back asleep. Next, the WEREWOLVES will wake up, identify one another, and select a player to eliminate. This will continue for every Identity and Ability card in play that involves a Night action.

At the start of each Day phase, all players may open their eyes. The Moderator will announce the players who were eliminated in the Night. These players are out of the game and may no longer participate. Remaining players will now discuss and select a player to lynch by majority vote.

If successfully lynched, that player is out of the game. If the lynch vote ends in a tie, no one is eliminated. Regardless, the Day ends after the lynch vote and the next Night begins.

Note that certain Ability cards can be played during the Day at the discretion of the player. For example, REVEALER is a one-time ability that is used to reveal either someone’s Identity or Ability card. A VILLAGER with REVEALER may use the ability to locate a Werewolf. A WEREWOLF with REVEALER may use it to gain favor with the village.

Win Conditions

The game continues until one faction remains. VILLAGERS win when all evil characters are dead. The WEREWOLVES win when all VILLAGERS are dead. (Well…unless there is a CLOWN, LONE WEREWOLF, MINION or GOBLIN CONTRACT…)

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